Guardians of Senior Security

Preserving Seniors' Assets Through Medicaid Aid, Legal Support, and Expert Asset Strategies

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Safeguarding Elderly Assets in Florida

Advisors on Aging is a division of Saving Grace Advocates a group with a vested interest in every senior's success, operating with a singular focus: to protect the assets of Florida's elderly population. They provide asset preservation strategies, Medicaid benefits, assistance for veterans, and legal aid through their network of experienced elder attorneys.

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About Us

Advisors on Aging is a group of professionals with years of experience in senior care operations. We know all aspects and financing of this space. We assist families and seniors in developing long-term financial and care solutions.

Many times, seniors are not prepared when a crisis occurs. Planning may not have been established unless long-term care insurance has been purchased.

Advisors on aging work in tandem with older attorneys. The Carmona Law Firm, P.A. will provide experienced, efficient and cost effective support in navigating the aging process.

Unwavering Assistance

Facing the challenges of aging can be daunting, but you are not alone. Advisors on Aging will walk with you every step of the way, providing resources, information, and support to help you navigate this stage of life. From protecting your assets to understanding Medicaid benefits, they will be your trusted advisors.

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Help With Medicaid Benefits

Understanding Medicaid benefits can be complex. The team of experts at Advisors on Aging simplifies the process, guiding you through eligibility requirements, application processes, and benefits management. They strive to ensure you get the maximum benefits you're entitled to.

Preserving Your Assets

Advisors on Aging understands the importance of preserving your hard-earned assets. Their strategies are designed to protect your wealth while ensuring you have the resources needed to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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Veteran's Aid and Attendance

Advisors on Aging is committed to honoring those who have served our nation. Their specialists provide invaluable assistance in understanding and accessing the Aid and Attendance benefits for veterans. For more information, visit the Advisors page.

Jaretta Love

Agency Director

Lorrie Vosburg

Advisor on Medicaid Programs

Bill Morgan

Advisor on Veteran’s Programs

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Advisors for Seniors and Families

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Advisor to the Community