Empowering Seniors Through Innovative Financial Planning

Advisors on Aging is a division of Saving Grace Advocates.   This agency has the visionary insight of the Founder and Director, Jaretta Love. Her dream was to establish an affordable alternative to traditional financial planning for seniors. Today, that dream is the organization's mission. They strive to assist the elderly and their loved ones in coordinating and navigating the care matrix.

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Core Values

The agency's primary focus is on your success. Through years of experience, they have learned to value trustworthiness, compassion, and dedication. Their team is committed to helping seniors and their families find the best way forward in their journey.

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Seasoned Senior Care Team

Advisors on Aging works with a team composed of seasoned senior care professionals with a deep understanding of the process of obtaining approvals in the appropriate time frames. Because of the diverse operational areas in which Jaretta has worked, the team is well-versed in many aspects of senior care.

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Empathetic Senior Care

Advisors on Aging’s approach is centered on understanding the unique needs and challenges of each senior and their loved ones. They believe that every situation is different and requires a tailored solution. Through the non-profit model, Advisors on Aging ensures that the focus stays on your success and not the bottom line.

Advisors on Aging are committed to providing affordable, comprehensive solutions for seniors and their loved ones. Think their services can help you? Connect with them now.

Experienced, Efficient & Cost Effective Support

The Carmona Law Firm, P.A. will provide experienced, efficient and cost effective support in navigating the aging process.